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Architectural tradition in the land of Ukraine is very old: here the pre-Christian remains of great structural complexes have preserved. For instance, these are Chersoneses and Olvia, the ancient Greek city-states on the Black Sea coast and in Crimea, and others. In particular, it is the Bilske settlement of the 7th to 3d centuries B.C. that scientists identify with the pre-historic city of Gelon described by Herodotus.
Ukrainian music
Many frescoes at St. Sophia’s Cathedral in Kyiv depict ancient Ukrainian musicians, but the story of music on the territory of Ukraine goes back to 20 thousand years ago, when the first music instruments were made of mammoth tusks as found by Kyiv archeologists near the historic city of Chernihiv.
Ukrainian Literature
The history of Ukrainian written language is thousand-years long. Its origin is ascribed to the times of the Kyivan Rus, but even before the 9th century A.D., the ancestors of Ukrainians had developed an advanced spoken language tradition. The chronicles Account of Bygone Years (Povist' vremennykh lit) is an outstanding memorial that is also a source of historical information, a collection of epic songs, legends and narrations of the Kyivan state epoch. The poetic masterpiece of the ancient literature is Slovo o polku Igorevim. This heroic epic had imbibed the best samples of folklore and has become the common property and pride of the entire Slavic people.
Ukrainian Dramatic Art
The dramatic art of Ukraine goes back to the olden times originating in folk games, dances, songs and rituals. Since the 11th century known are the performances of skomorokhs, vagrant dramatic players, as well as elements of theatrical action were present in the church ceremonies during the Kyiv Rus. Evidence of the later is the frescoes of the same period at the Saint Sophia Cathedral in Kyiv.
National Taras Shevchenko Opera House of Ukraine
Despite its comparatively short history, the National Taras Shevchenko Opera House of Ukraine won recognition far beyond the country’s borders. Distinctive and imaginative interpretations of musical heritage and contemporary works, highly harmonized orchestra and choir, talented soloists and artists as well as glaring traditions of great originality allowed the theater to reach the acme of skills and come to the front of the present-day musical culture of Europe.
Ukrainian Pictorial Art
Fine arts development in Ukraine harks back to the dawn of history. Archeological finds, especially dated to the period of Scythian and Trypilia cultures, are notable for proficiency of techniques and prove high artistic level of the artifacts by the ancestors of the present-day Ukrainians.
Ukrainian Films