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Ruslana: Too Much Exotic

Ruslana is preparing to put on a bright show for the Europeans. And for the readers of our site we are offering you the possibility to get into the atmosphere of a concert and to become better acquainted with the preparation for this performance from the lips of three of the participants of the event – Ruslana, guitarist Serhiy (Sania) Prysyazhniy, and the producer of the accompanying ballet – Iryna Mazur.

What songs have you chosen to perform at Eurovision-2005? In general we have already heard them during rehearsals.
And what are your impressions?
As we noted, there is more and more English language material….
The English is only in order that everything that has already been released in Ukraine will be released in Europe, and we want to provide it to the Europeans in a language that they recognize, because as they say, “it’s much to exotic.” When there is too much of something exotic, and in Ruslana there s a lot of it, there is a danger they will not understand, therefore we are trying combine things in our concerts. Strictly speaking, when we have a benefit concert on May 17 in Arena, we will be combining Ukrainian and English language tracks, because the broadcast will be for Europe. And little by little, we will teach them, and they will like some phrases a little more than “Hey-hey.” They will pick up on other words, for example, “Ya tebe kokhaiu” (I Love You). And certainly, already all over Europe has learnt to speak this phrase, because I have learnt this phrase in all languages.
How many?
At least, all the European ones. Appropriately, when I spoke to them about this at conferences or shows, they learnt it with thanks… I, still haven’t answered you about the songs… The song “Chardash” – it’s a song of the future album, and a premier of or next project. But “The same Star” –  it’s the third single, that will be released in Europe, thus performing this song is very important.
Why is the song called “Chardash”?
In general we took a small fragment from the chardash [a Hungarian dance], and now chardash is more quickly called energy. We follow the entire “Wild Dances” project as energy, we do not say that we play folk from the beginning to the end, we first and foremost take the spirit of ethic, flush it through ourselves, and we show it the way we feel it should be from a contemporary point of view. And still contemporary show business often says: “Don’t be afraid to use your ethnic roots of your country…”
Who is the author of the song “Chardash” and “The Same Star”?
“Chardash” is my music, the words are by – Ego works (Production in Miami), Hit Factory. ‘The Same Star’ – is the same, –  my music, and joint arrangement of the words with Ego works.
It seems, that ethnic – is fashionable …
No-no, we still have to tell Europe this. There in general there were not many popular ethnic projects. We know Bregovich – one project which became fantastically popular, another is Željko Joksimovic, who placed second at Eurovision-2004, both which use ethnic motifs… The Greeks are not ashamed to do this… Israel, the Turks… And thus we have to tell everybody else. American music – is super, but Europe has plenty of rich roots.
Lately an awful lot of ethno-groups have been formed
Even the UK, England, one could say, that we converted them to our religion…
Ruslana, at the press conferences your songs were performed twice: by the Ausrians and Lithuanians
The Austrians – my friends. I went to there national finals, where I presented the winners. For example I announced Javine, Omar Karema from Slovenia, Constantinos from Cyprus, Shiri from Israel, the Turks, the Swedes, Gracia from Germany, Andorra, Austria – nearly ten countries. I remember they all played “Wild Dances”, and this is why they perform it at press conferences – this is a double, and not a premier.
Regarding the dances, was there not an idea to invite American or European Dancers?
Why? We are creating our own style, maybe slowly, not instantly. Generally, we could have included, like you say, super-duper specialists, but they would never have the feel for it. It’s better for us to polish up our technique, then to have them to explain the spirit, that we have, in our hearts. If we walk out on stage and say we are wild, this is what we have in mind. We don’t have the kind of money, to pay a person that could transmit that spirit: they could technically recreate it, but they will never provide real emotion. Let our technique be a little worse, but that is just for now. We will polish our technique with ease, but to form our own team – no. You know why projects take place and fall apart – because of the existence of the lack of a team. That’s my philosophy.
What are Greenjolly’s chances?
I don’t want to talk about that before the competition. I will just be crossing my fingers for them. The other things is, that I am torn between everyone, I like a lot of the artists, and they have already become close friends… Thus today I am really torn. I am a patriot, and thus I have feelings for Greenjolly. But as a person, as a winner of Eurovision, I am mostly for everyone.
Your predictions…I know you won’t mention anyone in particular, but you have your favourites…
I like Zdob si Zdub from Moldova, із Молдови, Javine from the United Kingdom, I haven’t heard Hungary yet, but I’ve hears some positive things, plus there’s talk about Iceland, about Greece. I don’t know, if these are predictions, but this is what Ruslana likes.
Thank you! Good luck!
Interview conducted by Iryna Tuz and Andriy Pohoriliy
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