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Eurovision will represent modern, opened and poetic Ukraine

Vice-prime minister Mycola Tomenko holded the conference with the representatives of the Organizational Commettee of the preparation to conducting song competition Eurovision 2005. On this meeting were discussed urgent questions and problems of the organization of competition, and also took place the presentation of design and symbols of Eurovision 2005.

Besides, the members of the Organizational Commettee reported, that for today, for 62 days before the beginning of song festival, the basic treaties are concluded. In particular, the agreements in relation to the lease of the Palace of Sport ( the cost of the lease was reduced from 15 to 1 million ), the agreements with the tourist companies in relation to accreditation and accomodation of foreign visitors, and also the agreements with the firms, which are engaged in the equipment of the stage and providing by light and sound are prepared. Now the tickets are also being made, they will appear at the sale in the Internet already from Monday, and in the cashdesks in two weeks.

At the presentation of design of Eurovision 2005 was demonstrated an emblem of the song festival, the design of the Palace of Sport and adjoing territory, the design of the stage, the standars of the tickets and also different symbols.

By the words of Mychaylo Ilko, the developer of the design of the competition, the main task of Eurovision in Ukraine is to represent our country at the same modern and opened. The theme of this competition is "Aweking", thatТs why Ukraine is needed to be shown as modern, fresh, opened and poetic at the same time. The basic colour of EurovisionТs emblem is green, to which is added a little blue and orange colours, on the central image of EurovisionТs logotype is shown vegetable worlg (a fern), the water (the Dnipro river) and the city (Kiev). The developer of the design said, that the flowering of the fern was the symbol of strength and the capacity of the man to overcome the harm. And a little of orange colour in the sparks, which are flying from a flower means the energy, which must help the man in this fight. " Once a year a fiery light of the fern is blossomed. Once a year is taken place the culmination of the unity of European society at the song celebration. Once a year this is a chance to win on the song competition Eurovision, to find this fiery ight... And a person, who will find this light, will become wise and happy, will be able to foresee the future and to carry good to others. Before this person the new world is openeng... Aweking", - so explained the conception of EurovisionТs emblem Mychaylo Ilko.

The place of conducting the song festival, the Palace of Sport, will be decorated in green panels, which will shine inside, and the light strips will be streched along them. The stage must be look very scale and abstractly, it will give possibility to show different worldviews of all participants of the song competition. For this dynamic elements, screens and light effects will be used.

The tickets for a concert are made in eight types — morning and evening versions on four concert days. It is done with the purpose of facilication of admission the persons, that interested to come at concert to the Palace of Sport.

Except it, all souvenir products, that include the disks, shirts, caps and others like that, will be made in the colours of Eurovion 2005.

Making the results of the conference, Mycola Tomenko marked, that in organizational preperation of conducting Eurivision the Organizational Commettee already has passed a critical point. "Ukraine will finish all organizational works in time", - the prime-minister is conviced. ThatТs why it is worth to spare all attention to the contests of Eurovision 2005. In opinion of Mycola Tomenko, "all measures, design, clips, advertising products and other like that must represent to the world the one major word — Ukraine".

The press-service of the vice-prime minister Mycola Tomenko