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Bright green, light blue and orange are official Eurovision colours

Bright green, light blue and orange will be the most popular colours during Eurovision-2005 in Kiev. These colours are the key elements of the contest design along with a fern which symbolises awakening and anticipation of a miracle.

A boy and a girl find a ray of light. They follow it to find a fern, to see it awakening, and to show this miracle to all people. This is the plot of the first video shot for the anniversary Eurovision-2005 Song Contest. The video features Vitali Klitschko, the renown Ukrainian boxer, as the boy and Ruslana Lyzhichko, winner of last year's Eurovision, as the girl. They will invite guests to Kiev. It is the designer Michael Ilko from Kiev who is appointed to put this idea into practice.

Taras Stetskiv, the president of National Television Company of Ukraine (NTCU), says: I like the philosophical idea behind the video. I think it succeeds in conveying what the Ukraine is like at present after orange revolution". It indeed has come awake".

Not only the stage but the whole Sports Palace is going to be clad in green. The outside illumination will make the building resemble a living thing. The stage will consist of several moving platforms. All parts of scenery will also move. As a result, the stage should look like a clearing in a forest.

Project designer Michael Ilko says: There are loads of elements that change. They get bigger, smaller, appear, and disappear. As far as light is concerned, the elements are transparent and semi-transparent, some get illuminated from inside. We want the light to stop at some parts of the stage".

Some other projects have been considered as well. One of them is the project created by Boris Krasnov, a well-known designer from Moscow, who came up with the idea to use flowers and national Ukrainian towels rushniki". Eventually, in spite of being much more expensive and technologically more challenging, Ilko's project has been chosen and paid.