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Ruslana's show: Quick Quotes from Insiders

Iryna Mazur, Choreographer of the L’viv Ballet “Zhyttia” [Life]: “Ukrainian Choreographers are restricted by their ambitions.”

Are you happy with the rehearsals?
Rehearsals are always rehearsals. It is a working atmosphere, and not a performance. And thus only after the performance, can the dancers be truly happy.
Interesting costumes. Who is the designer?
It is completely our idea. Though L’viv designers did not make them.
At what level is Ukrainian contemporary dance?
Ukrainian choreographers are restricted by their ambitions. They lack good examples. Thus, they need more experience from Europe.
There are Afro-Americans in the troupe – is it a tribute to fashion?
No there are a lot of them. We didn’t really want to have them in Ruslana’s show, albeit they are so popular, that you can’t do without them.
Serhiy Prysyazhniy (Senia), “Motor’rolla”: “Pop – is nothing.”
Who is the author of the song?
I don’t know. The soundtrack just got here from Miami.
How did you become involved in the project?
I together with our bass player was asked to participate in Ruslana’s Benefit Concert on May 17, in order to present the element of difficulty in the song.
Will this cooperation be a one-time thing?
I think, that this will just be for one concert. I have meetings with fans, and a lot of other things that take up my time.
How can you combine rock and pop?
This is the next step forward for the cynical development of Ruslana.
At Eurovision there is further complete motives, other than simply pop, is this not so?
Who is the author of the guitar version?
I don’t know.
Do you like Eurovision?
No. Pop – is nothing. It’s empty.
What is your favourite song this year?
I am going to vote for Moldova. We even want to do a joint project together. We have already agreed on it.