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Ruslana: “Now Eurovision is my life…”

Ruslana: What am I doing now? My team and I visit many Eurovision countries where national selection rounds of Eurovision-2005 are coming to their end. I have already been to 10 countries. I know almost all contestants. I have my favourite ones. For example, I am fond of Javine who won in the United Kingdom. She’s cool but she’d like to be similar to our “Wild Dances” a little bit, she performs her songs with tambourines, uses ethnic tunes… Now Eurovision is my life. Everything that happens to me is either consequences of the previous contest or hopes for the next one. It doesn’t matter whether I am on the stage or not, in Ukraine or abroad – everything is connected with the contest.

Correspondent: Will you take part in the opening ceremony of this year’s contest in Palats Sportu? What will you perform?

R: I will. But the song is a secret. I don’t want public attention to be moved on me. I’ll just remember everybody that “Wild Dances” are not for one day only. This project will be still conquering the world. I have already got “silver” and “platinum” in 7 countries according to the quantity of discs sold. And actually this is without serious promotion.

C: Do you plan to go to Sweden where in autumn the winners of all previous contests will be gathered?

R: I’m going to.

C: What do you think of “Greenjolly”’s victory in the national selection round?

R: An hour ago I flew back to Ukraine from Great Britain where I had 3-4 concerts a day. In the evening I'll go back. So I am not well in the know. Everything I know is what my husband Sashko told me or journalists’ words either our native ones or from abroad. But I have my own vision of it. I like both “Greenjolly” and their song for the contest. I don’t want so much politics around this issue. I am waiting for the renewed version of their song “Razom nas bahato”. It’s very pleasant for this hymn of the Orange Revolution is known throughout Europe. Indeed it’s a symbol of Maidan as well a song of Taras Petrynenko “Ukraine”. It’s not so important who and what will be singing at Eurovision, the most significant thing is for the guests to know more about Ukraine and hear as many as possible Ukrainian singers and bands. How to do it, where will they sing, on what Kyiv stages – these are the problems that worry me most of all. This what should be of interest to the organizing committee of the contest.

C: How fair was Ani Lorak’s result in the national selection round? She was the main challenger for the final and we have “Greenjolly” and, by the way, hors concours…

R: Yes, I know that Ani Lorak was in the mood to take part in Eurovision, and we talked a lot about it. I agree that she’s a real challenger, she a star with great deal of experience, with perfect vocal potential. I worried over her. But nevertheless I am glad that “Greenjolly” will present Ukraine. It seems to me that everyone in Europe is talking only about our Orange Revolution. Not long ago I was in Germany – the whole country is almost in love with us. By the way, the song “Razom nas bahato” has been already translated into several languages: German, Polish, English… It’s broadcasted over the radio, it’s talked about on TV.

C: Can “Greenjolly” expect to win?

R: They can. What made “Wild Dances” fascinate the audience? The energetic power! We impressed them with our push and go. This emotional height made the audience vote for us. I guess the same thing will give “Greenjolly” their success. If they manage to pour a lot of positive energy upon the audience, they are sure to have a high rank. Believe me, no country pays so much attention to Eurovision as we do. Abroad they have a different and traditional attitude towards Eurovision: it’s a musical contest that has its own audience of fans who go with it during last 30 years from one place to another. Now this event is becoming more and more grandiose.

C: Yes, but no one has been taking care of the festival…

R: It seemed to me that the previous government and the previous organizing committee of Eurovision-2005 did and signed a least something. It’s a pity but I was wrong. But there was a group of young energetic men who together with me won the first place in Istanbul: the current executive producer of Eurovision-2005 Pavlo Hrytsak and managers of the department of international relations of National Television Company. It is the team that ran my promotion in Europe. And when we returned to Kyiv, we sat down and began to think what to do, how to organize the contest in Kyiv. Almost during half a year we were in a state of uncertainty.

C: But the organizing committee of Eurovision-2005 was created in May - June 2004…

R: Perhaps it existed but only on the paper. It seemed that nobody but our team was interested in the future festival. To tell the truth, journalists were. And thank you very much indeed to your colleagues. Because of the mass media the state at least remembered about this important event. But now everybody sees that Eurovision becomes one of the priorities for the government. President Viktor Yuschenko took the contest under his patronage.

C: They say you are preparing some TV ads for Eurovision…

R: They will present Ukraine during the festival, they will be broadcasted in the intervals between the songs of the contestants in Palats Sportu (Palace of Sport). There will be a lot of them. But I don’t act there. But no – in one part I am standing next to Vitaliy Klychko and we are saying together: “Welcome to Ukraine!”. To shoot this episode, I was given a very small chair to stand on for me to be a little taller because I was up to his breast and he looked at me from above. And when I got almost taller than Vitaliy, he said: “What?!!!” and I was standing on the floor again. Some part of the video materials is from my own video archive. And people who made films about Ukraine also gave us their sequences. This is not just mountains and rivers, we introduce some conception, some interesting idea into the video. The montage of some TV ads will also be mine. Some will done by famous directors, for example, Oleh Sanin (he shot the movie “Mamai”).

Valeriy NONSVITSKYI, “Khreschatyk”