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50 thousand tickets for Eurovision went for sale on April 23

"50 thousand" tickets for Eurovision rehearsals and concerts that will be held on May 18-21 went for sale yet on Saturday, May 23. The tickets appeared in eight Olvia Company booking offices situated in Kyiv trade centers of Globus, Metrograd, Ukraina, Alta-Centre, Gorodok, Kvadrat (at the Glory Square), Megamarket (on Surikov Street), in theatre box offices and Internet.

According to organizers’ arrangements the tickets were supposed to be delivered to the Sports Palace booking offices on April 25. That is the reason why the long queues of potential ticket buyers surrounded the Eurovision venue. People came from all over Ukraine and stood in a queue since 5 o’clock in the morning. And different rumors about scanty amount of tickets just roused the desires to purchase them as soon as possible. However, the tickets were being sold in other places…

The representative of NTU that is the official Eurovision organizer in Ukraine announced that Ukrainian company Olvia is in charge of tickets distribution for the Contest.

So, the Olvia art-director Oleksander Shepel was appealed to comment. He informed that about 50 thousand tickets for the participants’ rehearsals held at 3 p.m. on May 18-19 and for semifinal concert worth Hr 25-1500 are being sold now. The tickets also go for sale to three Sports Palace booking offices today at 2 p.m.

As Oleksander Shepel said, there is no big difference between rehearsals and semifinal. Actually, according to the Contest rules the participant’s performance must not be different from semifinal and final ones.

Mr. Shepel also informed that the tickets for the final will appear at the latest on Friday, April 29.