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to feel the surge of adrenaline

The Crimean Peninsula can satisfy the whims of the most exacting adventure seekers. You can go in for yachting, underwater swimming, mountain hiking, rafting, hang gliding, paragliding, parachuting, mountain cycling, outings on horseback, and cave exploring.

Professional mountain bikers are guaranteed an “adrenaline-boost” adventure along the slopes of the Crimean Mountains near Kerch as well as down the northwestern stretch between the cities and Simferopol and Alushta. Centuries ago Roman legionaries built a via militare (military road) across the mountains, which today has been wonderfully adapted for cycle racing. The earlier mentioned cave cities built by the Byzantines in the Middle Ages could be especially interesting for admirers of bike climbing, perhaps the most difficult variety of cycling.

The sea around Cape Tarkhankut and Cape Ai-Todor with its famous Swallow’s Nest offers a multitude of places for skin diving and underwater archeology. The rich fauna of the Crimean Mountains has been attracting hunters for ages.

Whatever you may choose of these pastimes and sports, your far from usual trip to the Crimea will be rewarded by new discoveries with a slight sense of risk and memories about the harmony of the nature and history of the peninsular country.