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to see the birthplace of the Eastern Slavs’ culture

The recorded history of the Eastern Slavs takes its origin from the times of Kyivan Rus, a mighty state of medieval Europe.

Byzantium shared with Kyivan Rus not only the Christian religion, but also the culture and the arts of a significant part of the classical world that were developed and elaborated on by the Slavs. Today it is the capital of modern Ukraine, one of the oldest European cities that is over 1,500 years old. More than 2,000 structures in the capital are referred to as monuments of history, culture and architecture. These refined samples of the inspiration, talent and brilliant abilities of the people of this land justly qualify as masterpieces of Old Rus and Ukrainian architecture. Many of them, restored to their original appearance, have become a real adornment of the capital city. The old charm and the modern opportunities of the city on the Dnieper River guarantee vivid and unforgettable impressions.