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to sumptuosly entertain the inner man

While touring Ukraine you will hardly resist a tasty dish of the national cuisine. Ukrainians are pretty good cooks and generous hosts. Among the most famous dishes is, of course, the famous Ukrainian borshch with garlic seasoned pampushky puffs, varenyky dumplings, and the unsurpassable chicken-Kyiv. Borshch, for example, is prepared according to old recipes with 50 strictly measured ingredients, making the soup taste as it did hundreds of years ago. Depending on what part of the country you are visiting, some of the dishes will have an exotic local ethnic flavor. You will hardly regret also ordering pyrohy dumplings, thin rolled nalysnyky pancakes filled with cheese or jam, holubtsi cabbage rolls with a huge variety of fillings seasoned with sour cream, and ponchyky fritters fried in fat and filled with sour cherries. Ukrainians are still fortunate to be eating real organic food that will certainly revive the strength of the way-worn traveler and make his meal a feast to remember.