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to simply unwind and have a good time

In Ukraine everyone will find enough places and occasions for entertainment in concert halls, theaters, operas, bowling clubs, billiards rooms, casinos, discotheques and nightclubs.

If you arrive in May, make sure to attend the Day of Kyiv festivities. On the summer longest days of July, all of Ukraine is celebrating the feast of Ivana Kupala (St. John’s Eve) that is accompanied by songs, dances and games paying tribute to pre-Christian customs and traditions.

Admirers of popular music are recommended to travel to the town of Nova Kakhovka, Kherson Region, to experience the boisterous atmosphere of a music festival that draws over 50,000 young people every year. April 1 marks the Day of Laughter in this country. It spills into the streets and the mass media and gains a Mardi gras hilarity in Odessa, Ukraine’s capital of humor, when it holds the famous Odessa Humorina on that day. Especially exotic and colorful in a truly Ukrainian sense is the international festival of Cossack martial art and folk art that is held on Khortytsia Island in Zaporizhia every August. In August as well the Sorochyntsi Fair at Poltava is a traditional annual event dating from more than 200 years ago. Today, the fair is a striking combination of modern business activity and national traditions. What should command the attention of admirers of high art are the Serge Lifar Ballet Competition in February, the Vladimir Horowitz Competition of Pianists in October, and the theatrical competition Kyiv in May.