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Ukraine - Tourism

Ukraine is a paradise for those who seek a natural, untouched nature to relax in. There are many different regions that have their unique offerings. Whether you seek an adventurous holiday hiking and skiing in the mountains, or a relaxing, healing stay at mudbaths or close to natural mineral springs, Ukraine has it.

Religions and Spiritual Matters. Ukraine was and will remain a home for many religions and sacraments blessed by faith and time from the pagan houses of worship of the past and up to the present-day Christian, Buddhist and Muslim temples. St. Sophia Cathedral and Kyiv Pechersk Lavra are outstanding sacred sites but they are not the only historical and architectural monuments of religious belief and spirituality.

History and Culture. Architectural monuments of Ukraine will tell you about the grey-headed history of the city-states, about fighting nomads and the adoption of Christianity, show the Cossack’s Baroque and the creations by modern architects. Museums in the open air will transport you in history a couple of centuries back; a visit at the time of festivals is sure to immerse you into a whirlpool of joy and elation.

Recuperation and recreation on the landscape. The Black Sea and Sea of Azov offer for your choice delicious coolness or genial warmth with sand or gravel beach. The Crimean Mountains provide a Mediterranean type subtropical climate and unforgettable views from the peak of Ai-Petri (St. Peter) Mountain. The snowy Carpathian mountaintops are almost untouched and excellent for skiing. Crystalline clear ponds and rivers of the forestation zone gratify one’s desire for calmness, invigorate and give strength. If you are lover of extreme sport, risky and dangerous entertainment is here at your call.

Curative resources. Ukraine is filled with mineral waters, fresh fruits and juices that are made naturally and locally. Natural recuperation complexes allow you to recover your health near the natural salt mines of Carpathian zone, or using the mineralized mud baths in Slobozhanschyna region.

Throughout your entire trip around Ukraine, the traditional Ukrainian cuisine and wonderful domestic wines will go along with you.

You are always welcome!