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Travel to Carpathians - take your breath away

If rest without excitement is not your cup of tea, then the Carpathian region is a real boon for you. Mountain rivers will offer you routes for experienced water sportsmen as well as novices

During April and May much of the snow in the mountains melts, creating ideal conditions for one to go rafting along the rivers Prut, Bilyi and Chornyi Cheremosh. As for the canyon of the Dniester, it waits for you from May till September. However, to arrange such a trip you’d better turn to a travel agency. Hunters can hunt a wild boar, roe deer, wolf and other game. There is a special season for hunting and a forestry agent or a competent travel agent will help you with the license. Moreover, there are some paragliding and sports aviation centers in the Carpathians. These are the village of Pidzakharychi in Chernivetska and also Odayi and Kosiv in Ivan-Frankivska Counties. You can also enjoy a bike rides, mountain climbing or a mountaineering tutorial. As for horseback riding, it is a natural thing in the mountain areas therefore you should ask your guide about riding a special Hutsul breed of horse. Calm and amiable “Hutsulyky,” as they are called here, are considered one of the best mountain breeds.