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the rest for invigoration

As Socrates said “Our health is not everything, but without health the rest is nothing.” The Carpathians have a lot to offer those who wish to strengthen or restore their health, since the Carpathian climate and balneological resorts have the traditions of centuries. The region discovered ‘wellness’ therapy way back during the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Not without good reason! The clean and clear air, mineral springs and the cleanest mountain rivers in Europe. You can enjoy all that even now. The most famous spa resort is Trouskavets. Here is a concentrated series of mineral springs, each with different healing powers. However, the bulk of visitors go to the Trouskavets to taste the medicinal “Naftusya.” Sanatoriums of Svalyava in Zakarpattya and Morshyn in Prykarpattya together with many others welcome their visitors to their spas. However, you should be careful, since water from the mineral springs have tremendous healing power, therefore you should consult a doctor before partaking. But don’t worry, as you can get such a consultation right in your sanatorium.