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far from urban hustle and bustle

That’s right. The Carpathians are unique in that it is only here where primeval forests, unique for Central Europe were preserved. Silver firs, beeches, fir trees and of course, millennial yew trees look like real grey sages. Now the major part of the Carpathians is covered with reserved areas. The mountains themselves with their “soft” peaks called polonynas (alpine meadows) are not very high.

Who was the first to call the Carpathian Mountains the blue ones and why is this not so well known? They are actually green, but it is for you to judge. You might also think that the forests, rivers, lakes or the shroud is of blue color. But irrespective of the color and the season, you will feel inexplicable harmony and the beauty of the world around you when in the Carpathians. Have you ever seen the whole valley of wild daffodils in bloom? You can marvel at this sight only in Khoust, home of the only reserve of narrow-leaved daffodils in Europe. Among the gems of the Carpathians there is the biggest lake of the region, the fantastic Synevyr so named after an ancient legend about the passionate love of a girl named Synya and a youth called Vyr. According to the folk tales, those who declared their love in this place will never get divorced.

In summer the highland scenery is complemented by herds of sheep. Therefore, if you come across a shepherd, don’t be surprised at his national costume. You see, here in the Ukrainian Carpathians, traditions have been kept alive since times of old. Taste the fresh sheep cheese and listen to the sounds of trembitas, which are the longest musical instruments in the world. The length of this cone-shaped pipe reaches four meters. From time immemorial the sound of trembitas informed highlanders about important events. Tourists will be happy to know that the perfect marriage of tradition and convenience has been performed just for them with nearby recreation centers, hotels and small cottages in the mountains. You may pick the price category and the distance from noisy civilization according to your liking.