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The Ukrainian Carpathians

make a tour in a land of mountains and alpine meadows

If you’re fed up with the rush of city life and it hectic pace, there’s no better place for taking a well-deserved rest than in the Carpathians. Even time takes on a completely different dimension here. What are the Ukrainian Carpathians? They often mean different things to different people, for instance a geographer sees them as the mountainous range in western Ukraine stretching along four counties: Zakarpatska, Ivano-Frankivska, Lvivska and Chernivetska. The Carpathian region borders Romania, Hungary, Slovakia and Poland. It is here in the Ukrainian Carpathians where the geographic center of Europe is located. In contrast to this view, a historian wouldn’t give a straightforward definition, but may require a lot of time to give you at least a brief outline of the area, as there is hardly a region in all of Europe that has born witness such frequent exchanges of power. The development of the region has been heavily influence by the many cultures of the different countries which through the ages have called the Carpathians their own, like the Galicia-Volyn principality, Rzeczpospolita, Austro-Hungarian Empire, Western Ukrainian People’s Republic, Poland and the Soviet Union, all of them representing an important milestone in the history of the area. Ecologists maintain that the Carpathians remain a place where the rivers and the air are uniquely clean and clear. The tourists, who have visited this region, will tell you many fascinating stories about the historical places, unique museums, splendid nature, and surely the hospitality of the locals. Naturally, seeing is believing! So it is recommended that one see for themselves how beautiful and unique the Carpathians are rather then depend on the assumptions of others. So we welcome you to have a trip to the Carpathians offering their guests any type of rest in any season. You may choose a historic, recreation or extreme program to enjoy the Carpathians.

You will also find it easy to get to the Carpathians, since a lot of cities in the area have direct railway connections with most European and Ukrainian cities. We recommend you start your trip in Lviv, Ivano-Frankivsk, Uzhgorod or Chernivtsi. Each of these cities has its local color and many tourists’ attractions. So while packing your things, please take the time to find out about all of the possible holidays and festivals takeing place during your visit, as they will undoubtable leave you with some unforgettable impressions.