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winter rest

During the winter, the Carpathians meet the demand of snow skiers from all over! If you are one of them, you should try one of the new ski runs and discover new aspects of life. There is snow cover in Carpathian resorts for four months a year on average. The most popular alpine skiing resort is in the valley of Dragobrat. It is located at an altitude of 1,300 meters above sea level and there is snow here from November till May. Popular ski resorts are also found near Rakhiv, Mukachevo and Svalyava in Zakarpattya. As for Ivano-Frankivsk oblast, famous ski runs are located in Kosivsky and Verhovynsky districts and also in Yaremcha. This kind of sport and rest is becoming more and more popular in Ukraine, therefore its infrastructure is developing rapidly. That’s why even now you can choose a recreation center, ski runs, a chair lift and the prices will be a pleasant surprise for you.