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Crimea - Following the Golden Fleece
Following the Golden FleeceIf you have your heart set on relaxing at the seaside, you should go to Crimea. This picturesque peninsula in the south of Ukraine is surrounded and cleansed by the waters of the both the Black and Azov Seas. Europeans have known the Crimea since ancient times.
Crimea - welcome to visit palaces of Russian czars
The first state person to visit Crimea was the Catherine the Great. This trip in 1787 became the most expensive one in the history of Crimea. It cost the Russian treasury 15 million of rubles. Together with the empress British, Austrian and French envoys went to Crimea.
Crimea - welcome to enjoy its southern sun
Crimea is the first choice among seafarers and beach bunnies alike, overall, the number one summer destination for sun worshippers of all ages from all over the region and beyond.
Crimea - welcome to feel the wind of time
If you are tired of resting, you should take a glimpse into the past millennia, as Crimea virtually reflects the history of mankind. The fates of the Scythians and Hellenes, Romans and Genoese, Turks and Tatars, Russians and Ukrainians and other nationalities have their footprints here.
Crimea - welcome to see wonders of nature
Crimea - welcome to plunge into the world of legendary battles
Crimea found itself the center of attention for many foreign powers during the course of its history, which accounts for the near countless number of wars and battles that has scarred its landscape.
Crimea - welcome to the World of Entertainments
Crimean resorts offer entertainment to suit all tastes. There are various facilities for water entertainment on the beach, but on warm evenings the various clubs and discos will keep you from getting bored. During the summer Crimea is also a place for numerous festivals, contests and sports competitions.
Crimea - welcome to check your strength of mind
Crimea is an ideal place for adventure seekers.
Crimea - welcome to make an ode to Apollo and nine muses
Crimea - welcome to Visit Neptune
For lovers of dolphins, the “Dolphinarium” is must-see for everyone. The locals have long believed that these friendly mammals bring good luck!
Crimea - welcome to understand the mystery of Crimean wines
Even though the average visitor may see the Crimea as a place of beaches, walks and historical monuments, winemakers see Crimea as a land where unique sorts of wine are made.