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Crimea - welcome to make an ode to Apollo and nine muses

Crimea has been enchanting and inspiring artists and poets, musicians and singers, actors and directors since the time immemorial. And now representatives of creative intelligentsia do not ignore the coasts of Tavryda. So while in the Crimea, there’s a good chance one will stumble onto an extraordinary artistic event. One can choose from festivals of classical music, dancing, singing, theatric and cinema art, artistic exhibitions and those of folk art. In Novy Svit there is a festival of opera art to commemorate Fedor Shalyapin. Classical music is heard in a natural grotto with a good acoustics, by the light of thousands of candles and the roaring of the sea. A festival of ancient drama called “Bosporan agones” takes place yet again in Kerch. During the festival in the streets of what was once ancient Pantikapeum one can have unusual encounters. You can meet Demetra and Aphrodite, Hermes and Artemis and of course, Dionis.

Free citizens of a free town compete in dancing, music, ancient theatre, art and prosody. You are also welcome by the Crimean museums and galleries.

  • M. Voloshyna House-Museum
  • Koktebel, Embankment

Maximilian Voloshyn is a poet, an artist, a translator and a critic. In the Crimea where he spent a major part of his life he created a genuine literary Olympus. It was here where the creative elite from Russia as well as Europe gathered. Some people credit Voloshyn for what is traditionally called “A silver age of the Russian poetry”.

  • I.K. Aivazovsky national picture gallery
  • Feodossia

It is the only museum of maritime art in the world. The biggest collection of paintings by Aivazovsky, a world-renowned seascape painter, is kept there. Besides, the exposition offers its visitors a collection of metre’s disciples and followers who represent a so-called “Cimmerian school”. Among them are E. Magdesian, M. Voloshyn, M. Latri and others.