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Crimea - welcome to understand the mystery of Crimean wines

Even though the average visitor may see the Crimea as a place of beaches, walks and historical monuments, winemakers see Crimea as a land where unique sorts of wine are made.

Wine making in the Crimea is a coeval of Hellene settlements. Look inside one of the numerous tasting rooms and visit Magarach wine making institute or the wine cellars of Masandra. The biggest collection of real wine is assembled there. The real pride of the collection is the unique “Cherry de la Frontera” 1775 vintage. In 2001 at Sotheby’s auction house the price for this wine topped 50 thousand dollars per bottle. Masandra wines have garnered about a 150 awards at international exhibitions and wine tasting. A masterpiece of wine making is the White Muscatel of the Red Rock with its’ aroma of Muscat, honey overtones of flowers, grasses from Alpine meadows, tea-rose and orange peel. The most expensive wine you can buy in Masandra today is white Muscat Livadia 1905 vintage. It costs more than 700 dollars, but wine experts claim it’s well worth it. A sparkling wine, “Novy Svit” holds its’ own with similar wines from this historic land. Unique wines like “Archaderesse” and “Black Doctor” made by “Sonyachna Dolyna” (“Sunny Valley”) are also considered legends of wine making. Those brands of wine are made of a vintage that is more than two millennia old. Inkerman vintage winery located on the lands of ancient Chersonese is famous for its table wines. Tasting Crimean wines is a trip into history, a variety of aromas and tastes.