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Crimea - welcome to Visit Neptune

For lovers of dolphins, the “Dolphinarium” is must-see for everyone. The locals have long believed that these friendly mammals bring good luck!

Even if you don’t believe it, communicating with these intelligent creatures will warm your heart. That is because the students at the “Dolphinarium” will impress you with their talents, wonders of plasticity and acrobatics. Those who like excitement can swim with a dolphin in the swimming pool, in an open-air cage or have an underwater trip in such a good company. By the way, according to doctors communicating with dolphins can strengthen the nervous system and there are even some special techniques for treating nervous disorders. To make it a memorable experience one can even receive a photograph with the dolphins. On the coast, one can rent a boat or yacht and if you’re lucky, see dolphins in their natural habitat.

State Aquarium of Ukraine

  • Sevastopol, 7 Epronivska (Kozacha Harbor)

It is one of the biggest marine institutes in Europe. It was here that dolphins were trained for military purposes. Interestingly, there’s a local celebrity which is an eared seal called Chocolate. He got into the Guinness book when he became the father of ten little eared seals, which is a record for a seal that does not live in its natural habitat.

Karadag Dolphinarium

  • Feodossia, Kurortne village, 11 Berehovy Provulok (Lane)

Livadiysky Dolphinarium

  • Yalta, 50 Drazhynsky St.

Sevastopol Maritime Aquarium-Museum

  • Sevastopol, 2 Nakhimov Ave.

One of the oldest aquariums in the world and the only one in the countries of the Black Sea Basin welcome you to see the world of Neptune. With all the variety of fauna which amount to 180 species of fish and reptiles, the collection of the Black Sea fish is the aquarium’s treasure.