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Crimea - welcome to check your strength of mind

Crimea is an ideal place for adventure seekers.

There is so much to choose, and whether it’s sailing a yacht on the open sea, scuba diving beneath the waves, hiking high atop the mountains on foot or on horseback, paragliding or parachute jumping, the good times abound! The mountainous part of Crimea is ideal for experienced bikers. Cave explorers or diggers will also have plenty to do here, as the Crimea is honeycombed with catacombs. There are unlimited opportunities for scuba diving and submarine archaeology. The Blue Harbor, which is not far from Sevastopol, will bring you closer to the mysteries of the Ancient Khersoness, a part of which turned out under a sick layer of water, and also the monuments of recent battles such as remnants of planes and submarines. If you are eager to hunt, you can recruit an experienced hunter who will lead you through the depths of the forest where one can hunt fowl and hoofed animals such as a deer, elk, wild boar and more. Whatever you choose, your journey to Crimea will reward you with discoveries laced with risk and memories of the harmony of nature and history of this unique peninsula.