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Crimea - welcome to plunge into the world of legendary battles

Crimea found itself the center of attention for many foreign powers during the course of its history, which accounts for the near countless number of wars and battles that has scarred its landscape.

Visitors will be study ‘up-close’ the history of the Great Eastern War between Russia and the allied troops of France, England, Sardinia and Turkey. If fact, frequent visitors or residents of Paris may know that the Alma Bridge is in fact a monument to the Alma battle. It is here near Sevastopol that the battle took place and a small town of Balaklava appeared on European maps due to another tragic event of the Crimean War known as the charge of the British Light Brigade. The battlefield in Balaklava received the historic name of the Death Valley and Balaklava is associated with deeds considered brave but doomed to failure. The name of the town has been recently mentioned in reference to a big mountain that acted as a mooring station for submarines under repair during the Cold War. Now this formerly top secret site is open for visitors.

The museum of heroic resistance and liberation of Sevastopol

  • Sevastopol, 1 Istorychny Blvd.

The museum consists of the panorama “The resistance of Sevastopol in 1854-55” and diorama “The assault of Sapoon-gora on May 7, 1944”. The Sevastopol panorama is one of the most famous panoramas in the world. The museum also displays military equipment of the Crimean War and World War II.