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Crimea - welcome to see wonders of nature

You can combine rest on the beach with mountain hikes and day trips that are invigorating not exhausting! To catch a bird's eye view of the coast you can arrange for an air journey or climb Ai-Petri by cablecar. It has a view all the way down the coast. Your guide will show you Mount Medved (Mount Bear) and Mount Koshka (Mount Cat). Though it is not so easy to guess the features of the animals in them, but local people claim there are striking resemblances. By the way, most Crimean mountains have such special names as Mount Sokol (Mount Falcon), Mystery Rock and the Head of the Russian Empress Catherine the Great. But if you want to get into the realm of fairy-tale characters, you should go to the old volcano Karadag or Ghost Valley on the flanks of Demergi. You are also recommended to get acquainted with Crimean caves. The Marmurova Cave stands out among Crimean caves in terms of beauty and accomplishment. It is among five most famous European caves equipped with tourist’s routes. When in Yalta visit the Nikitsky Botanic Garden holding a collection of plants from all over the world.