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Crimea - welcome to enjoy its southern sun

Crimea is the first choice among seafarers and beach bunnies alike, overall, the number one summer destination for sun worshippers of all ages from all over the region and beyond.

One can swim in the sea and bask in the warm rays of the sun from May through October. Most Crimean beaches are pebbly. Strange as it may seem, these tiny round stones are held in high regard by Crimean’s. For they say, it’s not only safe to walk on them, but also very good for your health. If this way of strengthening your health is not for you or your feet, there are plenty of sandy spots to found here. The Crimean sea is clean and clear and the ability to view pods of Black Sea dolphins frolicking in the surf help prove this fact! However, what makes Crimea stand a league apart from other seaside resorts is its’ clean crisp air. Saturated with sea salt mixed with the aromas of both nearby coniferous forests and mountain motley grass, the air reinvigorates the visitor! While you are resting, it is treating you and making you healthy. One can also pick from among a variety of places to rest according to their own liking and budget. Hotels, recreation centers and sanatoriums are at your service. Recently a lot of new guesthouses and stylized cottages have popped up along the coast, which are aimed at a small number of tourists and the quality of their services can compete with that of big hotels. In addition, it is probably only in Crimea that you will be offered a room in an actual royal palace. Such resorts as Yalta, Aloushta, Gurzoof, Foros, Yevpatoria all welcome you.