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Kyiv (Kiev) - the capital of Ukraine

Young and Ancient Capital . The ancient center of Slavic culture, the Mother of all Rus cities, the Majestic, the City of Gardens – these are but a few names attributed to Kyiv. All of them, however, fail to convey the exact meaning of the city nestled nobly on the banks of the Dnieper River.

Legend has it that Prince Kyi, leader of the Polyany Tribe, founded the city together with his brothers and sister. During it’s 1500 year plus existence, Kyiv has bore witness to both tumultuous events and splendid days of grandeur including the ‘salad days’ of boisterous prosperity as it played the unifying center of Christianity in Eastern Europe, contrasted by the dark days of occupation and absolute devastation brought by the invasions of the Mongols and Tatars, Lithuanians and Poles, as well as the Nazis. Kyiv has always recovered, managing every time to ‘come back’ looking more vibrant and alive than before, led by its people who feel compelled by love and duty to defend their city. This probably explains why the municipal coat-of-arms bears the image of Saint Michael the Archangel, a heavenly warrior with a sword of fire in his hands and who has come to be regarded as the patron saint of Kyiv since days of old.

It is our pleasure to invite you to come and see for yourself the striking images of the Ukrainian capital that appears both ancient and young. It is the administrative, cultural, and financial core of Ukraine, represented by over 2.6 million citizens. Today Kyiv has regained its former glory as one of the most beautiful capitals of Eastern Europe. It will be enchantment ‘at first site’ as you take your first stroll along the chestnut lined streets of the old part of the city, feeling as though a time machine has sent you back into the very heart of history. Millennial Orthodox cathedrals, crowned with golden domes and diverse styles of old buildings – all bear imprints of the ancient splendor of Kyivan Rus, a mighty state of the Medieval Europe. Monuments once erected by old master builders and now restored and reconstructed anew can be seen reflected in modern high-rise architectural ensembles. Dozens of theaters, art galleries, and museums will invitingly open their doors for you. Everything you see around you is the evidence of unprecedented growth with business and investment on the rise and cultural life in full swing.