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Lviv Museums

If the walls of the old Lviv could speak, they could tell a lot of staggering stories. But the only thing they manage to do is to keep memories of the previous centuries carefully. Numerous museums and galleries are more eloquent interlocutors, as they can speak an eternal language of art. Distinctive artistic traditions naturally combine here with the modern avant-garde originality. Art connoisseurs will be pleasantly surprised at Lviv art collections.

The National Museum in Lviv

  • 42 Drahomanov St.,
  • 20 Svobody Av.

The Museum was founded in 1905 by the Metropolitan Andrei Sheptytsky who is an outstanding figure of the Ukrainian history. Not only was Sheptytsky one of outstanding ecumenists in the world who sought for unification of the Christian churches, but also he was a great patron of the Ukrainian art and book-printing. In the Museum you will see a unique collection of Ukrainian icon painting of the 14-17th centuries. Old manuscripts, sculpture, painting, etching and folk arts will attract your attention.

The Lviv Historic Museum

  • 6 Rynok Sq.

It is one of the oldest museums in Ukraine. It has a great exposition of the Old World and middle Ages. The museum gives a new treatment of Kievan Rus and Galicia-Volyn principality history. Some monuments and collections of the museum make up the World Heritage: handwritten “Khrystynopilsky Apostle” (the 12th century), the Order of Andrey Pervozvanny, and the materials reflecting the lifeline of Chopin.

"Arsenal " Museum

  • 5 Pidvalna St.

It is the only museum of weapons ion Ukraine. The collection of “Winged hussars” (the 16th century) is one of the richest in Europe. Arsenal exhibits a great collection of old cold steel, fire-arms and cannons made in famous workshops in 32 countries of the world.

Lviv Art Gallery

  • 3 Stefanyk St.

It is the biggest artistic museum in Ukraine, whose collection is made up of more than 53 thousand of works from the 14-20 centuries. Among the most precious are collections of European art, Lviv sculpture and portrait and also icons. Among the exhibits are works of mysterious Lviv sculptor Johan Pinsel who became a European sensation at the beginning of the 20th century. In the gallery you can also see rare works of Polish and Austrian artists. But the pride of a constant exposition is the works of famous masters and among them are those by Rubens, de la Turet, Goya, A. Mengs, Ya. Mateiko. Lviv Art Gallery is also a big scientific and educational center, which hosts conferences and internships for art experts and restorers. The Gallery has been taking part in organizing international exhibitions in Ukraine, Poland, the USA, Franc and Austria for many years.

The Museum of Ethnography and Crafts

  1. Svobody Sq.

The museum features folk craft. The collections of Kyiv and Poltava carpets, icons and church wooden fretwork of the 17-19th centuries attract visitors’ attention. Here you can also see a unique collection of Western European clocks of the 18-19th centuries.

Modern Arts Exhibition Hall

  • 2 Lychakivska St.

There is a constant exposition of works of art from Lviv museums and private collections. You can familiarize yourself with the creative work of young Lviv artists: painting, sculpture, and batik exhibitions.

The Museum of Art of Old Ukrainian Book

  • 15 Kopernik St.

Lviv was of great importance for the development of printing books in the lands of Old Rus. It was here where Slavic printing pioneer Ivan Fedorov settled in the middle of the 14th century after proscription from Moscow. He founded his own printing-house and printed “The Apostle”, the first book in Cyrillic alphabet in Lviv. There was also printed the first Slavic alphabet. You’ll be able to see rare manuscripts of old Ukrainian books and get to know about the history of publishing in Ukraine.

The Lviv museum of old findings

  • 1 Uzhgorodska St.

The museum offers a slide-program reflecting the history of princely Lviv from the times of its founder- the Prince Danylo Galytsky as well as it offers Gregorian singing.

The Pharmacy Museum

  • 2 Pechatnykiv St.

The museum is located in the building where 250 years ago, the first pharmacy in Lviv pharmacy appeared. You’ll get to know the history of pharmaceutics, which was always one of the leading spheres in the economy of Galicia had a leading positioning the world for centuries. Here you can peep in most secretive corners of old mazes and visit the study of medieval alchemist.

The Museum of glass

  • 38 Kubiyovych St.

The Museum houses a unique collection of modern art in Ukraine, which is world-renowned. You will be able to see extraordinary glass compositions created during four international symposia of fancy glass held in Lviv.

Folk Architecture and Life Style Museum

"Shevchenko’s Grove"

  • 1 Chernecha Gora St.

It is the open-air museum of Ukrainian architecture, folklore festivals are often held and there is frequently the sound of Ukrainian folk songs emanating from within.

Lychakivsky Cemetery

  • 95 Pekarska St.

Historical and architectural reserves whose importance goes far beyond Lviv and Ukraine. This cemetery is the museum of memorial plastic arts and is the pantheon of the Ukrainian, Polish, Austrian cultures. Outstanding men of art, scientists, composers and participants of military action from the 20th century are buried there.