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Odesa - welcome To the beach where the waves are murmuring

The general length of the beach line in Odesa is over 40 km. The best sandy beaches are in the centre of Odesa: Dolphin, Otrada, Lanzheron and of course Arkadia are real oasis’ of seaside entertainment. There you will be offered a great choice of water sports, from water-bicycles to windsurfing. Tennis courts and fitness centres will help you to keep fit. And for those who love pungent sensations and an adrenaline buzz there’s breath-taking hang-gliding or parachuting trips in the sky. Along the entire coastline there are numerous cafes, bistros and restaurants that will treat you to both usual and exotic dishes. Dizzy roller coasters and water-slides at the local Aqua-park will contribute to your good mood. And when the sun sets, the sea of cheerfulness and entertainment awaits you in Arcadia. There are activities for every taste: stylish discos, night clubs and casinos.

A favourable combination of the sea and steppe climate, plenty of year round sunny days along the warm Black Sea and salty estuary reservoirs with their salubrious mud created special conditions for Odesa development as a resort city. Kuyalnik -the oldest mud resort of Ukraine - is located on the coast of the estuary only 13 kilometres away from the centre of Odesa. The sulphide silt mud of Kuyalnik is considered to be standard by their medicinal properties. They are able to cure different kinds of inflammation, strengthen immunity and recuperate the functions of the weakened human organs. And as for the mineral water “Kuyalnik”, it helps to ameliorate the function of the gastrointestinal tract.

There is also climate-therapy that helps holiday makers recuperate their host defences. And on Odesa beaches there is a special microclimate. High breakwaters, which in some areas reach up to 70 meters, protect the beaches from winds. That is why even in autumn here you can see elderly people who bask in the sun and breathe the fresh marine air rich in iodine