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Odesa catacombs

In the city there is the most unique “Odesa metro” – hundreds of kilometres of underground labyrinths created during the period of the city construction over 200 years ago when stones used for building were extracted from mines. These are Odesa catacombs.

During the years of Nazi occupation there was the headquarters of partisan rebels. In the shade of the underground vault there is a museum, which guards the mysteries of the past. Here nothing has changed since the Second World War. You will find out about the severe school of survival that the Odesa anti-fascists had to go through and about their contribution in the city’s liberation from the occupants.

However, today the catacombs have a more cheerful destination. Inventive Odesites adapted them for paintball games. If you are also partial to “colour hunting”, then Odesa catacombs are an ideal place for you to feel yourself a real commandos.