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Geographical Location

Ukraine is located in the Central East Europe between 44''20' and 52''20' N and 22''5' and 41''15'E, in the southeastern part of the East European plain.

Ukraine’s geographic position is quite advantageous since the most important transportation routes are crossing its territory linking West Europe with countries of Trans-Caucasia and Central Asia.


Ukraine’s territory stretches for 893 kilometers from north to south, and for 1316 kilometers from west to east, and is one of the largest countries which borders do not transgress the bounds of Europe.


The geographic center of Europe is on the territory of Ukraine not far from Rakhov in Zakarpatia oblast. As far back as 1887, experts of Austria Hungary had determined this point, stele and land-surveying sign marking it. In Latin, the following words were engraves there: LОСUS РЕRЕNNІS. Dilicentissime cum lіbеllа lіbrаtіоnіs guае еst іп Аustrіа еt Нungаrіа соnfесtа сum mеnsurа grаdum mеrіdіоnаlіum еt раrаllеlоumіеrum Еurореum. МD ССС LХХХVІІ, "that translated state such a thing: “Permanent, exact, and eternal place. Very precisely, using special apparatus made in Austria and Hungary, with scale of meridians and parallels, set the Center of Europe. 1887.”


The Outermost Points of Ukraine’s Territory:

In the north: Petrivka (village, Chernihiv oblast);

In the south: Cape Sarych (Autonomous Republic of Crimea);

In the west: Chop (town, Zakarpatia oblast);

In the east: Chervona Zirka (village, Luhansk oblast).


The total area of Ukraine is 603 700 sq. kilometers that makes 5.7 percent of the territory of Europe or 0.44 percent the world. Ukraine’s territory is  larger greater than that of France (544 thousand sq. km), Spain (505 thousand sq. km), Sweden (450 thousand sq. km), Germany (356.3 thousand sq. km) and Poland (312.7 thousand sq. km).


Total length of the border: 6992 km


Extension of the land border:  5737 km


Length of the sea border: 1355 km (the Black Sea); 249.5 (The Sea of Azov), and 49 km (Kerch Strait).


Neighboring Countries:


Ukraine borders upon Poland, Hungary and Slovakia in the west, through which territories lies the shortest route to the countries of Western and Central Europe.  The border of Ukraine with Russia is in the north and east, while in the southwest the country it is contiguous with Moldova and Romania. In the north, Ukraine adjoins Belarus through which territory it is linked with Baltic countries. It is with Romania and Russia that in addition to the land border Ukraine has a sea border too.


Outlet to the Sea


Ukraine has a wide outlet to the Black Sea and Sea of Azov that link it with countries of the Mediterranean. Also through the sea Ukraine borders with Bulgaria, Turkey and Georgia. The area of the exclusive (sea) economic zone of Ukraine is over 82 thousand sq. km.