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Flag of Ukraine

Ukrainian Flag

Ukraine Flag

The State Flag is a banner made of two equally dividing horizontal bars of blue and yellow .

The colors symbolized the Kyivan State even before the Rus was baptized. During the times of the Tartar yoke of Baty-khan, this symbolism disappeared to be revived later on in the church ritual decorations and blazonry of Ukrainian towns. The coats of arms of the towns in the Kyiv region and generally throughout Ukraine were framed in the yellow-sky blue colors. Since the 17th century, the regimental and company banners of Cossacks were made of blue cloth with the cross, stars, weapons and images of saints drawn with yellow paint on it.

Evolution of the external national attributes continued in the 20th century too when on March 22, 1918, the yellow-blue flag was approved by the Central Rada. Under the Hetman Pavlo Skoropadsky’s government, the order of colors was altered to be blue-yellow.

By the Decree, the Verkhovna Rada approved the blue-yellow flag as the Banner of Independent Ukraine on January 28, 1992.