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IT Business in Ukraine


There are several strong characteristics of Ukraine that provide positive benefits for international organizations considering working with software development resources from Ukraine:
* Availability of resources;
* Availability of programming specialists;
* Labor Costs;
* Technical excellence;
* R & D focus;
* Strong fundamental education;
* Experience with complicated projects;
* European culture;
* Great potential;
* Location;
* Availability of local professional organizations.

Market Trends

In the course of the research the respondents were asked to name main trends on Ukrainian IT services and products export market.

Majority of the respondents pointed out the following main market trends:
• Market consolidation and existing players integration;
• Stable growth of IT services and product export market;
• Professional development of specialists, involved in IT services and products export business;
• Increase in professional association activity;
• Certification necessity;
• Unique niches search;
• Domestic competition increase;
• Increase of software products export.